Mounting folders as drives (without SUBST)

When I got my first job as a developer in '97 my coworker introduced me to using a drive as the root for all the source code. This is awesome because it means it's super fast to get to, no matter where you are: some Windows file dialog, Windows Explorer, or the terminal. Your source code is always only three letters away. Of course, this technique isn't limited to source code. It can apply to anything you're working on: documents, photos, or videos.

My fitness journey

As of the beginning of this year, I've started to work out and lose weight. Some of you asked me what my regime looks like so I thought it would be good to write a blog post about it.

Is Git acquired taste?

Ever since my team decided to move to Git I was involved in discussions on how to use Git. This included basic questions like "how do I check in" as well as higher level questions like "how should we model code flow". My team is using Git for over a year now and I'm still running into folks that find Git complicated, cumbersome, and generally ugly. Where does all that resistance come from?