Welcome to my blog. I'm Immo Landwerth. I work as a Program Manager on the .NET team at Microsoft. Don't be too impressed: I'm neither a programmer nor a manager. I use Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel and sometimes Visual Studio to convince folks I know what developers want.

When I'm not annoying my co-workers with ideas on how we could make .NET a kick-ass platform I'm...well, there is not much time left because I even do this in my spare time. Program Manager at work, coder in my spare time. If you want to know what keeps me awake, check out my GitHub profile.

Why a blog?

Just do it. You write for you first, people second. -- James

Like James I'm a selfish narcissist so I blog as an intellectual form of masturbation. Jokes aside, writing is the way to structure your thoughts. But it's easy to get trapped in your own preconceptions. The cure is feedback, which requires making your thoughts public.

I ponder whether I can keep up with blogging but I found some excellent advice from Adam Ralph:

This is my personal blog. I am not using it to sell services or convey a corporate message. It should be personal, even if it does have a general theme, such as software development. There's no reason I can't write posts in an informal or conversational style. There is no reason a post can't be short. A few mistakes here and there? Who cares?

So be it. Let's see where this leads.